• Start-up Q&A: Bantr

    1. Describe your business in one sentence?

    Bantr makes live football interactive

    2. Why did you set-up your own business? What made you decide to start your own business?

    There is nothing like running your own business and creating something which people want to use. If you can scale a business and disrupt an industry then even better.

    3. When did you open for business?

    We started work on Bantr in October 2010 but launched the business the following August. We actually completed our fundraising 2 days before the site launched.

    4. What were the key elements you thought about/explored before starting your venture?

    The main issue was technology. Our ambition was to combine real time match commentary with fan discussion, opinion and polls. We wanted something which scaled to support large numbers of users so we spent a lot of time reviewing the tech options available and eventually went for a NoSQL database.

    5. How many clients/users do you have now?

    We currently have 8,500 users in our beta programme.

    6. How is your business funded?

    Bantr is funded through a number of angels.

    7. How did you get involved in the music-tech business?

    Obviously not music but I have always worked in digital media and I currently run an agency called McCormack & Morrison. We setup Bantr as an opportunity to take advantage of our website development and digital marketing skills.

    8. What has been the best business move you’ve made?

    Reading The Lean Startup by Eric Reiss, I only wish I had read it 12 months ago.

    9. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

    Building the right product. We always knew there was an opportunity with sports and social media to deliver real time engagement but getting the experience right for the users has been hard. People never use your product how you envisage it so we have rapidly reiterated our product for the needs of the user.

    10. What key factors will make/have made your company successful?

    A great team and a great set of investors supporting us.

    11. What are your plans for the future of the company?

    Our focus now is on improving the product and developing commercial partnerships. We have had a lot of interesting from media owners to betting companies and we need to grow the team to develop these.

    12. Is there a particular idea that you have been excited about in the market place that you wish you had come up with, or helped develop?

    Facebook. I do though really like Taptu, Quora and Wunderlist.

    13. What interests you about the entrepreneurship scene right now in London, the UK, and Europe?

    I think the European tech scene is still in its infancy compared to the States which makes it an exciting place to be, it would be nice to see some of the European VCs show more support for early stage ideas.

    14. What advice do you have to offer other prospective or existing entrepreneurs?

    Read the Lean Startup by Eric Reiss, ensure you understand the data which drives your business and build a really great team. Most importantly believe in yourself and never give up.

    15. What can the government do better to foster innovation and entrepreneurship?

    Provide more funding for startups.

    16. In one sentence, how do you go about making a 4.5 times return on investment?

    Develop one thing, keep it simple and do it better than anyone else.


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