• Start-up Q&A: Live Music Stage

    1. Describe your business in one sentence?

    The most advanced platform for broadcasting and monetizing live music online.

    2. Why did you set-up your own business? What made you decide to start your own business?

    I had been an entrepreneur before, working as a music technician and teaching vocals. When I got the initial idea for LiveMusicStage.com, I knew I had to do something about it.

    3. When did you open for business?

    We did beta testing for quite some time before, producing special gigs for the online audience only under a Finnish name. We opened LiveMusicStage.com for consumers in Summer 2011. The platform part we started promoting in September 2011.

    4. What were the key elements you thought about/explored before starting your venture?

    I was first looking to run a service only for the Finnish market. I did plan it for half a year before actually starting the company in the beginning of 2010. During that time I did a business plan, went over the official and legal stuff involved and looked for some necessary partners.

    5. How many clients/users do you have now?

    Audience sizes vary widely depending on the band still. We are looking towards taking in our first channel partners (live show producers) this spring.

    6. How is your business funded?

    For the time being, angel investments and R&D money from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

    7. How did you get involved in the music-tech business?

    I studied information systems’ sciences for a couple of years at the university, then forgot about that for extensive music studies of various kinds. And what do you know, here I am again.

    8. What has been the best business move you’ve made?

    To take some time to develop the business, but also not being afraid of taking on new things to learn on the fly.

    9. What has been the biggest challenge to date?

    Having come from a geek and music background, financing has been the part I’ve had to study the most.

    10. What key factors will make/have made your company successful?

    Solid planning combined to living the dream. As somebody said about athletes: “Being talented helps, but you also need to have the guts to stay on top.”

    11. What are your plans for the future of the company?

    To become the YouTube of live music events.

    12. Is there a particular idea that you have been excited about in the market place that you wish you had come up with, or helped develop?

    There are numerous ideas like that :) Let’s say the future is in streaming anyways.

    13. What interests you about the entrepreneurship scene right now in London, the UK, and Europe?

    There’s a huge startup boom in Finland. Helsinki is definitely an interesting place to be at right now.

    14. What advice do you have to offer other prospective or existing entrepreneurs?

    The same old stuff – be honest and learn which things you really shouldn’t be doing yourself. Then find the best people you possibly can to do those for you.

    15. What can the government do better to foster innovation and entrepreneurship?

    At least in Finland, it’s about building even a better ecosystem for funding start-ups, especially ones that are not concentrating on traditional industries.

    16. In one sentence, how do you go about making a 4.5 times return on investment?

    By turning existing live events into real experiences online, thus creating new revenue sources for both the artists, producers and us as a platform.

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